At Paradigm Legal Services Ltd., we take pride in providing our clients with the type of service they deserve . With over 20 years of professional Process Serving and Court Filing experience, Paradigm Legal Services is dedicated to providing our clients with informed and effective legal advice, for all your process serving and court filing needs. The following is a small sample of some of the services our experts provide to the legal profession:


Most Trusted Process Serving Firm

Our Goal is to understand our client's requirements, gather their needs, and perform at a high level of professionalism that no other company in our industry can match.

Our vision is to be at the forefront of our profession! We believe that there will be a "Paradigm" shift in our profession in the coming years and we want to be there for ALL of our valued clients .

To transform ourselves into a newer, leaner, transparent company, which puts customer service and professionalism at the forefront.

With Paradigm our clients receive:

“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.”

We like to think that that there is no mountain too big to climb. We attempt to go above and beyond the regular call of duty in our profession. Being involved in the service industry for almost a quarter of a century now, has led us to realize that there is no task too big, no job too complicated to conquer for our clients. Our valued clients is what makes this company tick, without them, we would not be able to strive in this profession.

At Paradigm we believe in the environment and reducing our carbon footprint. As such, ALL Paradigm vehicles are Hybrid or Electric powered. This makes good sense, not only for the environment, but for our clients as well!!


Automatic "real-time"process serving updates, the moment your party is served!


Secure Cloud Access to your own Affidavits of Service, via "weblink"


Ability to send documents for service to us via our online request portal


Small Claims Court Representation from our trusted & registered Paralegals (registered with the LSUC & fully insured)


Graduating from the Seneca College Legal Administration program back in 1991, I quickly came to the realization that there was a vital requirement for this type of service from many Lawyers, Law Firms, Legal Departments and in-person Litigants, for individuals and/or companies such as ours to handle their process serving and court filings needs. There seemed to be a void in the marketplace for such companies back in the early 90's. There were only a handful of "so-called" process serving companies and many Law Firms and Legal Departments employed in-house personnel for the purpose of attending various Courts to issue, serve & file their documents. At that moment, we saw an opportunity and decided to open our first company

Fast-forward almost 25 years, and have times have changed!! Thousands of process serving companies now exist, providing MANY various types of services throughout our profession, and these companies are ALL relied upon on a daily basis to facilitate thousands of legal documents throughout the Province of Ontario, across Canada and occasionally in the USA. At Paradigm, we knew, that in order to stand-out in today's marketplace, with the fierce competition, we needed to shift the "Paradigm" in our profession. Another ordinary legal services company would not survive or strive.

That is why we now bring you, PARADIGM LEGAL SERVICES


  • Process serving - locally and across the entire GTA, Province of Ontario, All of Canada & US

  • Court Filings - every level of Court, and every Court Office is covered

  • Searches - Driver Record/Address History, Corporate, PPSA, Bank Act, Land Titles, etc... (usually completed on the same day, if emailed to us)

  • The ability to send us services through our online portal, and have the work immediately assigned to our process servers

  • Instant Access to any and ALL your completed affidavits through our "secure" cloud storage weblink

  • "Real-Time up to the minute updates with process serving and court filings. Our state of the art database will simply amaze you!!! Our clients will love this new system, it took us years to create it and a team of experts to perfect, but simply put, OUR clients will appreciate and love it!!!

Our Mission

Our CEO's Words:

We are passionate about our profession and providing successful outcomes for our "ALL" our clients. Our promise to "ALL" of our clients is to offer them the very best professional legal support services company in the industry and to consistently exceed your expectations. There is no client too small, or job too big, for us to handle! Given the opportunity, we will demonstrate why there is no other company in the industry that can come close to matching what we do! Hopefully, we will be given the opportunity to demonstrate that to you!